Welcome Back to 2018 – PRR Stats for 2017

Well it’s been a while and by special request I have put together some stats for last year. With all the members it takes quiet a long time and to get everything from strava by individual is a little bit of a task but we got there.

We have 127 active names on Strava although a few of them are not in the Facebook group so, If you are here and get removed from the Strava group as your names has changed or you just fancied having a change of id, PLEASE DON’T BE OFFENDED JUST LET ME KNOW AND APPLY AGAIN, with over 630 member names in the facebook group it’s not easy to spot.

Anyway, here are some total for the year 2017;

We have run 82633 km tracked on Strava, just remembering that these are only the membes on there and we have many more who do not use strava, so that is really a little higher than that. That is a long distance and to do it we have used 3821.65 hours of out time, well spent I think as we have not only kept fit but we have made many new friends who help us carry on and achieve more than many thought we would ever do.

Climbing mountains, we we did that on many occasions and totalled 812704 meters worth of mountains.

Between us we recorded 10782 runs, averaging 7.66 kn per run and 46 minutes each time on average.

A few names need to go into our own little history books as the top achievers:

Furthest distance ran by an individual over the year was done by Gethin Edwards, running 2459.9 km.

The most time spent on the road was done by Vicky Mead, using 259 hours to prepare and complete some major challenges over the year and also dedicating time to support beginners and new runners.

Our mountain goat for the year is unsurprisingly Adrian Davies climbing 33347 meters during his runs.

The person who got out there the most was Chris Metcalf completing 328 individually recorded runs.

Some averages now, and the longest average run distance was complete by Adam Payne, who average 12.8km for each run he completed. The longest average run time was Joanne Davies who, on average, spent 1hr 33mins running.

I think 2017 has been an amazing year with the group growing from strength to strength in numbers and the support we give each other is second to none.

I have promised not to coax anyone into the Cardiff half this year, but you never know, I think we will have more than 100 runners there again this year.

It would be great for everyone to try and attend some of the socials through the year as this is the only chance we get to raise some funds to support the group, so please come and enjoy yourselves.

The new Couch to 5 km starts on the 17th so why not encourage friends and family to join, get that little bit fitter and make new friends.

See you all out there on the streets, and don’t forget to say hi when you passing the other way.

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