Stats are back. 14/1/18

Well everyone seems to love a stat, so as I love a bit of data and excel I have a way that it wont take me hours to create these. Going to keep it back for now with just some stats to keep everyone on their toes. So……..

On Strava we now have 165 runners, not all so active though so if you are one of the 67 that have got out there yet, now is the time to get moving (or you may just disappear off the list!!). So far we have the ladies have 86 running weeks, these are a week where some one has been out at least once (This will get clearer as the year moves on) and the men have 88. (Only three people ran every week of the year last year, well done Kay, Darpan and Steve B)

The distance champion for the year so far is Gethin Edward with a total of 201.9km he also has the height crown with 2424m climbed. For the ladies Emma Reed has done 133 km. Kay Lawless is the highest climber so far with 1546 meters for the ladies. The longest run to date goes to Jonathan Mead with a distance of 43.3km Vicky he must have stopped the strava 0.1 km after you on purposeĀ  and you get the longest female so far.šŸ™‚

This week the distance goes to Gethin again with 105km climbing 1266 metes and Steve Burrell takes the longest single run at 42.3km for the men with Cath Powell completing 48 km, Kay Lawless climbing 789 meters and Cath Powell completing the longest run at 34 km for the ladies.

We have a few challenges running this year for distance for every one, 500 km, 1000 km, 1000 miles, 1500 miles and 2500 miles. And we can keep an eye on these lists.

On track to complete 500km this year (Average 10k per week)

Alan jackson
becks williams
Chris Chambost
Chris Lindley
christina roberts
Claire Prosser
Fay Lawrence
Gail Havard
Jo Jenkins
Jodi Hyatt
Leigh Smith
Linda Doyle
Mandy Thomas Gulliford
Martin Charles
Martyn Rogers
Miguel Sutcliffe
Rhys Jones
Rob Scott
Sarah Passmore
Sarah Woolls
Shawn Murtough
Stephen Shepheard
Tim Munn
Victoria Young

On track to complete 1000km this year (Average 19k per week)

Becky Brumbill
Ben Trotman
Carys Rees
Catherine Davis
Charlaine Roberts
Darpan Singh
Emma Rees-Taylor
Gill Gubbings
Graham Jones
Mark Hester
Matthew Aherne
Mike Donnelly
Paul Binning
Rebecca Broomfield
Rhys Evans
Sophie Taylor
Tim Davies
Tudor Williams

On track to complete 1000 Miles this year (Average 31k per week)

Adam Thomas
Catherine Powell
Claire Tapper
David Sansom
David Shewring
Dhana Caple
Jo Marshall
Jonathan Mead
Kerry Roberts
Liz Perna
Paul Chamberlain
rhyddian john
Vicky Mead

On track to complete 1500 Miles this year (Average 46k per week)

Adam Payne
Adrian Davies
Emma Reed
Kay Lawless
Ross Youlden
Stephen Paskell
Steve Burrell
Tim Petterson

On track to complete 2500 Miles this year (Average 77k per week)

Gethin Edwards
Neil Jones


If you have and curious requests let me know to include them if i can.

Keep running everyone.

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