Road Runners go West

A good number of us found ourselves in Llanelli on Sunday 12 March for the Llanelli Waterfront Half Marathon. The weather forecast wasn’t great, but the day started relatively dry, so it was an early blast down the M4 to the Parc Y Scarlets.

The race started just outside the stadium, and in the dry! There was a good turnout, with enough people to make it a competitive race, but not so overloaded that you’re 10 minutes walking through the start line… The Road Runners all started as a group, though that didn’t last too long, as Gethin headed off into the distance, keen on keeping on the shirt tails of the 1:30 pacer.

The route was pretty straightforward, heading round the stadium out towards the coastline, then directly along the coastal path towards Burry Port, before turning round and retracing our steps. The advantage of a coastal route is that it’s flat, apart from a couple of minor climbs. The disadvantage is that you are open to the elements. Sure enough it wasn’t long before the rain started, though fortunately it wasn’t particularly heavy, and the winds were nothing like what we’d experienced in Newport the week before. Flat routes and minimal wind meant for fast times, and sure enough there were PBs a plenty. Gethin didn’t quite make 1:30, but he was only a minute out.

I’d certainly recommend the Llanelli Half for anyone wanting a fast run, or even for someone new to the distance who wants to try it out without the fanfare of a ‘big’ run.


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