The Road to Cardiff – Week 4

Well the best laid plans… This week was slightly derailed by some domestics and other plans, meaning I only got out for five days instead of six, and not all those were when they were meant to be. Despite this I’m still happy I’ve got some good practise under my belt, not least a good 10 mile race, and I am still keeping pretty healthy!

It’s now starting to get closer to real run time, not only Cardiff, but I have the Severn Bridge HM coming up and then the Manchester HM shortly after.


The derailment started early! I was looking after my son during the day, then my wife’s long run was that evening, and we had some domestic plans afterwards. So no run.


Today’s run was meant to be 400m repeats on my plan, but I was also taking the PRR run today and that was a ‘miles’ rather than an ‘effort’ session. So another adjustment to my plan! I couldn’t get out during the day as I had my son, but I did get out an hour ahead of the PRR planned run to get a short sharp 4k run in, then lead a 7.5k run which incorporated some good hills to give a little push. Nothing like the plan, but I really enjoyed both runs – I think the extra day off running the week before, as well as Monday’s unscheduled break, meant that I was feeling really refreshed.

It helped that the Miskin loop is one of my favourite local circuits 🙂 The inner loop is a great challenge, just over 1k with some steep climbs that allow you to push yourself.


Wednesday ended up being another unscheduled day off – once again my day was chock full and I couldn’t get out in the evening. The plan for today was a 30 minute tempo run, but again the PRR plan was for trail hill sprints. Now I’ve never been an off-road fan. I’m always nervous about turning an ankle. Because of this I was keen to attend this evening’s session. Vicky put everyone through their paces, and it was great to build confidence, especially on running downhill with loose gravel underfoot. It made up for missing the 400m repeats earlier in the week in once sense, since it was about speed training, so although the overall distance wasn’t that great I could feel the benefits immediately afterwards.


This was meant to be a rest day. Given I had a 10 mile race coming up on the Sunday, it might have made sense to stick to the plan, but I had missed a day earlier in the week, and it’s not very often I get a chance to run with my wife. The weather was pretty good, so I suggested heading out down the Taff Trail for a little jog. Things didn’t go exactly as planned. My wife was suffering from calf cramps, so I headed off for a little sprint in the middle of the run, then suggested we take a slightly different path back. Unfortunately my knowledge of the trails wasn’t as good as I thought and we ended up getting slightly lost. Not usually a problem, but with a deadline to pick our son up, I ended up having to dash back to collect the car when we finished!


Did I mention a race on Sunday? So definitely not a day for a fast Parkrun then… This was meant to be an easy 5k run, but I don’t get a chance to Parkrun most weeks, so it seemed like a good idea. And I managed a decent time as well. Pity the one thing I forgot was to bring my barcode..


The Brecon 10 mile race. This started at the running track in Brecon and took in some lovely country roads down past Groesffordd. The route descended for most of the outward 5 miles, then started to climb on the return. It was definitely challenging in places, but I loved this race. There were only a few hundred runners, and it felt like a best-kept secret. The organisation was really good as well, with plenty of marshalls on the route, lots of signage, and all the other road users we encountered were really accommodating. Definitely on the roster for next week!

I definitely felt my glutes complaining at points, no doubt partly due to the other runs I’d done this week. My left ankle was also starting to feel sore from half way on, which annoyingly mostly hurt on the downhills. In general however I was able to push myself enough to feel I’d run a good pace, but not overdo it for next week’s training.


Definitely not a week which went to plan. That said, I had some really enjoyable runs, and a good 5k and 10 mile, which has built my confidence that the training is working. Onwards and upwards!

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