Regular Training Runs

Whilst we like to mix things up on the regular Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday runs, there are a few routes which form the backbone of our sessions.

The Miskin Loop

Starting from Leekes, we head up towards Pontyclun and turn left at the Bethel roundabout to head to Miskin. Down the hill, through the village and up and out past the church. Turn right at the BETS garage, then left on to the dual carriageway down towards Talbot Green. Brave the traffic to head straight across the main roundabout, and continue up towards Talbot Green and Llantrisant. Turn left at the crossroads, and run down the Talbot Green high street. Filter left past the post office and run to the end of the road, where the footbridge takes you over the main road and completes the loop to Leekes.

The Garmin map is here:

The Hospital Gate

A firm favourite for the Tuesday and Thursday groups, this offers up a few different opportunities. We can either run to the end of the route, or run out for 20 minutes and let people get as far as they can. Starting at Leekes, run towards Talbot Green and head over the footbridge. Run up the road and turn left at the bus stop, then past the golf course, and down the hill towards the roundabout. Turn left at the roundabout, and follow the road towards the rear entrance to the Royal Glamorgan Hospital. Turn left up a footpath just before the hospital, then right on to the cycle path. Follow the path all the way up, until you get to the gate at the top of the path, then simply turn around and return via the same route. Bear in mind that the road past the golf course is a Strava route on the way back!

The Garmin map is here:

The Llanharry Loop

A simple route, this heads across to the bottom of Talbot Green, then down CoedCae Lane, passed the Boar’s Head and up the hill to Llanharry. Turn right at the top, then head down the hill to Brynsadler. Turn left and head back to Leekes along the main road.

The Garmin map is here: