PRR Stats June 4th ish

Well I was politely reminded on Wednesday that I hadn’t done my duty and completed the stats for last week, well since then has been a busy week. No wonder i was confused as I put the wrong date on last weeks stats and convinced myself I had done this weeks already. Anyway I have some data and the head is starting to work again, must be following on from the social last Saturday when quite a few had a good night and were in no rush to leave the Boars head.

Last week was another good week although a little quieter with half term and everything else going on. Just some stats this week and normal service will resume on Monday, if i remember it is a Monday!!

Only 79 runners last week registering their runs on Strava, but we did clock up 228 runs and covered 1594 km. Welcome to the newest Strava member Caitiona Harvey.
Top distance this week goes to Chris Medcalf completing 88.4 km, for a moment i thought I was in with a chance. For the ladies Jo Marshall covered 50.3.

Chris was also our Bill goat award with 1429m climbed during the week, last week we had 3 people all going over the 1000m climbs with Gethin Edwards and Adrian Davies getting there too.

Setting the pace was Neil Jones averaging 4:15min/km

Champ for the post 6:30’s, distance goes to Vicky Mead with her 43km and Jonathan Mead with his 31km.

Dab of the week……… well why not add a picture in the comments and let people judge. 🙂

Mentioned in dispatches..
Anne Miles, You have made it under the 6:30 average, in fact, smashed the 6:30 getting to 6:17. Well done.
Carys Rees Another fastest average getting another 11 seconds down to 5:41. Great running
Colin Thomas. Staying under the 5 mins and getting another 9 seconds off the average at 4:46, well done.
Miguel Sutcliffe, knocking a couple of seconds off your best average, but keeping the pace going.
Rhian Collier, Your 4th clocked week and under the 5 minute mark well done on an excellent pace.
Sarah Woolls, well done Sarah you have averaged under the 7 minutes last week, improving every week.
Matt Lauder, 3rd run out on the clock and keeping pretty constant, but you have managed to match your best time.

I’m going to mention a few few more tonight as you are all with 5 seconds of your best times:  Josh Doyle, Tim Davies, Fay Lawrence, Mathew Thomas, Becky Harry.

If you’re running in the heat to make sure you have plenty of water with you.

If you’re running in the rain, well you’re going to get wet so don’t forget to smile 🙂 and be proud you are out there.

keep an eye out for the organised runs on the facebook page, If your are heading out post a message to see if anyone wants to join you over half term, there are a few more people around during the day.

Keep up the efforts 🙂

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