PRR Stats June 19th

What a warm week, and it’s going to get hotter. A few have been out over the week and there has been questions about should you be out running???? Well, Yes, but you must be prepared for the heat, whether you keep the run short or slow your pace right down make sure you take water WITH you. It’s no good being a pile on the side of the road. Typically i like to have a small bottle of water for every 5k but really carry plenty.

84 runners out there last week and only one new name, so welcome Scott Sheppard. A grand total of  1501 kms and 227 runs.

Every week I try and watch those strava links and facebook posts to spot who can be the King and Queen for the week. Always open to suggestions just in case I miss someone. This week though Kings and Queens will come from the efforts going in from the newer members. I giving it to all of the Womblers. The commitment and the numbers there on a Wednesday are just fantastic. Even in the heat this week your pushed yourselves and some felt some pain that they have not felt for a while, at least not unless it was the morning after a few beers. Well done to all of you. (I dare not try and mention you all in fear of missing someone, but you know who you are.)

But also a special mention for Paul Griffiths who completed his 100 parkrun, although he kept it quiet and quiet a few would want to celebrate and support those milestone when people hit them, so be proud and let people know and we will be there, as long as there is a bacon roll after it. 😉

Top distance goes to Chris Metcalf this week and a great effort of 65.9km , for the ladies Vicky Mead ran 64.9 and also the biggest single run of 22.5km. Well done to you both.

Vicky has also managed to make it to the Nana goat status climbing 1073m during the week.

The pace setter for this week was Neil Jones, but he only just scrapped into 84 place with 1.8km!! But i suppose that gives everyone else a chance. Ta Neil.

Only 21 post 6:30’s this week, top distance goes to Vicky with her impressive 64.9 but not far behind is Becks Williams on 55.4, ladies top 7 places for the distance.

Dab of the week……… well why not add a picture in the comments and let people judge. 🙂 Come on get posting those dabs!! Still no nominations for this, Use the #PRRdab

#PRROntour – A new section for this week with the summer coming. Use the tag so we can look where we have all been this week.

A couple of mentions this week starting at the Llanelli Parkrun, where we managed to get 3 of the top 10 places, myself, Stephen Paskell and Gethin Edwards all headed down with Gethin doing the llanelli 10k after (and a keep warm run in the middle, nutter)

Also the Caerphilly 10k team, A warm one. Kay, Chris, Tim, Stephen, Cath. I think there were a few other there including Darpan. Well done to all of you. Especially considering a few heads had been out at the Beating of the Bounds the day before.

Mentioned in dispatches…..

Adrian Davies, Caitriona Harvey, Carys Rees, Chris Chambost, Gethin Edwards,
Josh Doyle, Lisa Cliffe, Mandy Thomas Gulliford, Mathew Thomas, Matt Bess,
Matt Lauder, Victoria Young you all get a mention this week.

Adrian Davies, second week in a row that you have made the sub 5, great running.
Caitriona Harvey, your 3rd run out on the stats and another 16 seconds off taking you under 6:30. keep that up.
Carys Rees, Another few seconds off and getting close to the 5:30 now.
Chris Chambost, well done Chris a sub 5min week and that includes you hot 10k at Caerphilly. Fantastic.
Gethin Edwards, Just a nutter! almost averaging the 4:30mins, not far off now.
Josh Doyle, times are still coming down, only a few seconds till you break the 5 min barrier.
Lisa Cliffe, a great week for you, just off the 6 min average. Well done.
Mandy Thomas Gulliford, Under the 6:30 for 2 weeks in a row, you managed to equal last weeks time, well done.
Mathew Thomas, another second off your best recorded time, well done.
Matt Bess, Your 4th recorded starava week and another 20 seconds off your best week, well done.
Matt Lauder, keep going Matt, you are sooooo close the the 6:30 pace. Well done.
Victoria Young, Those times are coming down again, well done.

Lots of great running there, the average pace for the group was 6:03. 🙂 Great running by everyone in the hot weather.

If you’re running in the heat to make sure you have plenty of water with you.

Reminder for everyone that the Curry night is on Sunday evening in the Indiaah, if you can make it, it would be great to see the crowds out. We have a little raffle going, you can have a number even if you are not going to the social.

The next round of leader training is on Saturday so next week we will have more run leaders in place. Almost time to start the preparation for the Cardiff half, if you’re new to the group don’t forget to sign up to help make the magic 100.

Keep an eye out for the organised runs on the facebook page, If your are heading out post a message to see if anyone wants to join you over half term, there are a few more people around during the day.

Keep up the efforts 🙂

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