PRR Stats July 10th

Well the countdown has begun, 12  weeks to go and every one will start the panic!! Cardiff Half here we come.

No new runners on Strava this week, but i will be re-aligning the list to represent runners that run with us as there are a few who have joined strava but not anything to do with us. We cant stop that but I can filter that out.

I must say that it has been great to see all the posts flying around during the week and over the weekend, lots os photos and support for every one running in the events.

Please make sure you read the pinned posts in facebook and on here  The changes will make it better for everyone and support more runners develop and just generally improve.

A grand total of 1696.1 kms and 240 runs this week in what has been full of various races from 10k’s to Marathons and not all of them dressed sensibly!!! but the photos are great 🙂

Our Queen of the road this week is Hilary Wright, I think you have done us all proud in the Tenby 10k not only completing it in a great time but also coming first in your catagory, well done from us all.

Distance leader is Chris Birt (82.1) for the men and Catherine Powell (53.1) for the women. The biggest single run of the week goes to Adam Payne with his marathon 42.4km. Well done to all you guys.

A little shoker for the regulars now as we have a new Billy Goat this week, Leon Pisani has managed 1790m.

A new pace setter for this week with Hywel Evans pacing it at 4:26/km now you just need to do that over a bigger distance!!

28 post 6:30’s again this week, top distance was Chris but the furthest female goes to Menna Rees with 40.8km.

Dab of the week……… Found a dab but no tag #PRRdab, come on peeps get the photos in, Gethin, not sure if we can count yours but your spelling has improved since you left school!!.

#PRROntour – Been a good week this week, from parkrun to the races. Catherine Davis @ the Wyvern 10k, A crew at the hero and villains run and the parkrun teams getting out there, holidays coming for everyone so don’t forget to hashtag so we can stalk the runs. MIguel been trying to work out if your spain run is this week or last week, but i’m giving it to you this week for the furthest away. 🙂 even if you were lost!

Mentioned in dispatches…..

A few in dispatches this week  Fay Lawrence, Colin Thomas, Paul Chamberlain, Glyn Davies, Jon James, Joanne Davies, Hywel Evans, Tanya Tye.

Fay Lawrence, Equalled you fastest average from March, well done
Colin Thomas, Keeping that pace going with your average from June.
Paul Chamberlain, Well done you have hit your fastest average since records began!
Glyn Davies, equalled your fastest pace from May.
Jon James, great running 13 seconds faster than your previous best.
Joanne Davies, nice to see those runs popping up again and 41 seconds better than your best previous.
Hywel Evans, beating the 4:30 mark, excellent pace there.
Tanya Tye, second run with us on strava and 27 seconds better than last week.

Remember!!!!!! If you’re running in the heat to make sure you have plenty of water with you and for the bigger runs make sure you eat more than you would normally to get that energy in, I think we need a new hash tag #PRRCarbing should be some interesting pics of food. Lots of great running there, the average pace for the group was 6:11. 🙂 Great running by everyone in the hot weather and lots of distances which would have slowed it down.

If anyone has signed up for the Cardiff half recently, don’t forget to set PRR as your team on, almost time to start the preparation for the Cardiff half, if you’re new to the group don’t forget to sign up to help make the magic 100.

Keep an eye out for the organised runs on the facebook page, If your are heading out post a message to see if anyone wants to join you over half term, there are a few more people around during the day.

Keep up the efforts 🙂

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