PRR Stats – Cardiff 2017 Special

Well that time of year has finally come and gone. Makes me very proud to boast about how well every one did this weekend, what a great few months this has been. If anything it has brought together all the various parts of the road runners, there is no longer the Tuesday & Thursday “Fast” crowd and the Wednesday Womblers, now we are all just runners and friends supporting each other and all enjoying that Sunday gathering.

From all the run leaders, it has been out privilege to support each and everyone of you to get where we are now and presenting those gifts yesterday made it all worth while, from all of us leaders to you, Diolch. 🙂

As the aches are starting to set in, did we forget to tell you about that bit?, a year on from my first half I will say it does get easier to recover, the training doesn’t seem to make me faster just more comfortable when I am doing what we all enjoy oh yes and recover quicker. The curry and a few pints is always a bonus so thanks to Brains.

As everyone settles down on that high, entries are open for next year so get your name down!!

On to a few stats this week: I watched the distance eagerly on Saturday night and it was interesting to see that we had only clocked just over 600 kilometres by Saturday night, but by Sunday night that had moved up to 2232.6 Kilometres and to keep the theme a record 72 of the 88 strava runs topped a longest run distance of a half marathon.

There are too many Kings and Queens to mention this week, every single runner out there deserves that crown this week.

A few special mention still continue this week:

Alan jackson, you manage to get you week time under 5 min per km.
Gethin Edwards, New best time for the week at 4:10 and that includes the half.
Matthew Benbow (MTB), Under the 5 minute marker for the week.
Natalie Kendrick-Doyle, New weekly best time taking 8 seconds off your previous best.
Saskia Britton-Jones, 22 seconds off you pervious best weekly average, well done.
Steve Burrell, 36 weeks on and a new weekly PB averaging 4:50.

Amazing running by everyone and well done.

Also coming up fast is the Christmas Dooo, one space left if you are a new running and didn’t know about it let me know if you want to come. The balance is now due.

Next run is the PRR Santa Dash in Pontyclun, well it feels like PRR as most seem to be doing it, get your santa suit and get the names on the list, only £6 and a fun event. You get more waves dressed as santa than you will every imagine.

Keep an eye out for the organised runs on the facebook page, If your are heading out post a message to see if anyone wants to join you over half term, there are a few more people around during the day.

2wish race day fast approaching on the 15th October, spread the word we are looking for people to support and still places if you want to compete.

Don’t forget to check the start points for the events.

Keep up the efforts 🙂

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