PRR stats 7th May

Doesn’t seem like a week since i wrote the last set of stats, been such a busy week with events, just too many to mention.

It has been another amazing week for PRR. Always pleased to say some more records hit and achievements made. A record number of runners again logging on Strava, 95 runners making the effort this week with 4 new runners, they will get a mention later.

Cardiff half has hit 70 and passed it reaching 73 this week and still more to go. We can really start planing the training and celebrations of what will be the biggest day in #teamPRR’s history.

Personally I managed to get out there as a supporter rather than a runner and must admit I thoroughly enjoyed it, so that’s the next challenge to get people out there showing the support for the personal efforts that shown to complete those races.

On with the stats…… I’m going to start today with the people who have made some major effort this week to complete half and full Marathons.
I’m going to start with the marathon runners, hats off to you all something i am yet to pluck the courage to do. Gethin Edwards a tremendous effort coming in @ 3:36 on your first ever marathon, Tim Petterson i think you had 4:50 on your first, not only a brilliant effort but after the Nit Lite 10k on the evening before a truly remarkable achievement, but don’t do that again!! And not to forget Neil Jones, coming in 3rd in just over 3 hours and still beaten by the kids over the line ;-).
Then there is the half runners, some doing that 201.1 km for the first time and showing every one it can be done, an inspiration for everyone ready for the Cardiff half. Darpan Singh, Emma Reed, you both smashed it. Steve Burrell on a great time at 1:46, Jo Marshall, Vicky Mead another great run for you both again, Vicky after the 10k the night before a great achievement. But lets also not forget the elusive Sophie Taylor making her premier as a club member down the red carpet and finally meeting a few of us, there will be now stopping you now.

I would like to welcome the new Strava runners to the fold, Matt Bess, Matthew Aherne, Sian Brady and Josh Doyle.

Once again there are many kings and queens of the road, this isn’t about the distances that have been covered it is about the effort that has been put it. So all you half and full marathon runners you smashed it. Gethin Edward, Tim Petterson, Neil Jones, Steve Burrell, Darpan Singh, Emma Reed, Vicky Mead, Jo Marshall and Sophie Taylor.
Personal King of the Road has to be Tim Petterson and the Queen of the road for me goes to Emma Reed.

I know there were a few other races over the weekend and I will add any blog from anyone if they want to send it to me.

Stats wise our long haul on the road this week is Chris Metcalf running 70.5 km for the men and for the women Catherine Davis at 52.1 km.

We rattled up an amazing 1941.4 km logging doing 265 runs this week.

Our billy goat again this week was Adrian Davies climbing 679m, must have been away from the valleys!! but between everyone we climbed 13913 m, I sure the last k in the Uni Lite should count as a double height!!

Speedster of the week was Neil Jones only 1 race logged but it was a marathon averaging 4:18 m/km I still wish i could do that for a few km.

For the sub 6:30s….

Run forest run, well she has had her share of mentions this week but well done Emma Reed 43.3km, shhhhh dont tell Vicky 😉 and the longest run goes to Tim Petterson with his monster effort on the marathon..

25 runners this week either first time running or setting a new best average pace.
Chris Medcalf, Chris Chambost, Kathryn Vaughan, Fay Lawrence, Kathleen Walker, Rebecca Broomfield, Matt Bess, Amanda Burrell, Rhys Jones, Kate Perna Gutteridge, Miguel Sutcliffe, Hywel Evans, Mandy Thomas, Ben Trotman, Lisa Cliffe, Matthew Aherne, Martin Charles, Sian Brady, Josh Doyle, Vaughn Gibson, Claire Sutcliffe, Becky Harry, Ann-marie Carpanini, Jessica Thomas, Leon Pisani.

The improvers and getting the mentions:
Chris Medcalf my stats say you dropped another 1 second from your best weekly average.
Chris Chambost 7 seconds off your avaerage best time, 2 seconds of the 5 minute barrier.
Kathryn Vaughan, well what can I say, 24 seconds better than your previous average.
Fay Lawrence you have equalled a previous best weekly average.
Kathleen Walker under the 5:30 taking 8 seconds off your previous best.
Rebecca Broomfield, 3rd run out on the stats and 22 seconds improvement.
Amanda Burrell another 2 seconds average improvement.
Rhys Jones your 4th run out on my stats and 10 seconds better only 10 seconds of 5 minutes.
Kate Perna Gutteridge your second run out and the same as last week, very consistent.
Miguel Sutcliffe time to get faster, 10 seconds faster than your previous best, you need more gates!!
Hywel Evans 4th run on my stats, and 11 seconds improvement.
Mandy Thomas almost under that 6:30 but very consistent.
Ben Trotman 4 th run out on the stats and 15 seconds better.
Lisa Cliffe still getting faster another 2 seconds off last weeks time.
Martin Charles 1 second better than previous best.
Vaughn Gibson must have been on the spinach, 4th run out 38 seconds improvement.
Claire Sutcliffe another 4 seconds off last weeks average, well done.
Becky Harry 4th run out and 44 second better since your first run.
Ann-marie Carpanini great week, 41 seconds faster than your previous best.
Jessica Thomas second run out on the stats, 1 second faster than last week.
Leon Pisani 6 seconds faster than your previous best average, well done.

One more to thank is Steve Burrell for the effort that has gone into the website, don’t forget to register and join in.

Enough of my waffle well done everyone. Keep up the efforts 🙂

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