PRR Stats 30 April 2017

Another great week for PRR. We hit the 50 for the Cardiff half, well we have hit the 60 and touching the 70 as I write this. What a show we will have there.
89 members this week logging their runs on strava.
This is a new record for the number of runners logging their runs as team PRR.A few new names on my stats list so welcome to Kate Perna Gutteridge, Catherine Lundie, Keith Johns, Sarah Shepheard, Jessica Thomas and Gareth Emery

King of the road this week is Adrian Davies running 67.7km and our Queen of the Road is Vicky Mead covering 50.4km. Chris Metcalf was our most persistent runner doing 10 runs last week.

Again stats are split this week so results for everyone and separately for those below 6:30 and those above.

We rattled up an amazing 1601.4km with 89 runners doing 237 runs this week.

Our billy goat this week was Adrian Davies climbing 1050m, but between everyone we climbed 17125m, I think the Pentyrch Hill race helped that lots this week!!

Fastest pace: Stephan Hill pushed the average pace this week at 04:35 /km. (I’m only going to clock 5km or more distance in this bit).

Run forest run: Longest run goes to Kate Mortimer-Jones doing a 18.1 km run.

Below 6:30 or above depending how you look at it!….
Top distance this week is Vicky Mead at 50.4 km
Furthest male is Chris Birt clocking 46.1 km

21 runners this week either first time running or setting a new best average pace.
Kate Perna Gutteridge, Tim Davies, Amanda Lawton-Robinson, Sarah Beames, Catherine Lundie, Keith Johns, Lisa Cliffe, Kathleen Walker, Natalie Chamberlain, Sarah Shepheard, Jessica Thomas, Elen Crockett, Chris Williams, Lisa Hembury, gareth emery, Claire Sutcliffe, Jonathan Mead, Amy Griffiths, Leigh Smith, Ben Trotman, Alex Davies

The improvers:
Alex Davies you knocked lots off but only a short run logged this week.
Amanda Lawton-Robinson second run recorded and 30 second better than last week.
Amy Griffiths 9 seconds better than the last run
Ben Trotman 3rd recorded run and 18 seconds improvement
Chris Williams, long time no see, 48 seconds better than you last recorded average
Claire Sutcliffe 8 seconds better than previous best
Elen Crockett some good times and 23 seconds better for your average
Jonathan Mead 20 seconds faster than your best average #parkrun
Kathleen Walker 9 seconds faster than any previous average
Leigh Smith 14 seconds faster than any previous recorded average
Lisa Cliffe another 7 seconds improvement of your previous best
Lisa Hembury still getting the results with another 14 seconds improvement
Natalie Chamberlain 2 seconds off beating that 6 minute barrier, 9 seconds better than your previous best
Sarah Beames being consistent staying at 6:42 same as last week and at your best
Tim Davies 7 seconds faster than previous best and only 8 seconds from the 6 minute barrier

Keep up the efforts 🙂

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