PRR stats 22nd May

Well I don’t know where to start today there has been so much going on, from personal best on our club runs to the first 10k’s, relay races and far flung ultras is sunnier climates. Well done to everyone on those achievements.

Still not quite there for the 2000km in a week I think it will be very soon!!
This week we did 1689km another amazing week for #TeamPRR. 98 runners making the effort this week with another 5 new runners.

A few reminders that we have the social night on June 3rd in the Boards head and everyone is welcome, also on the 25th after the Swansea half, the Indiaah curry and fund raiser. £10.95 for a great night and a few beers.

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Back to the stats for this week.

5 more names added to our stats, some recognised from the weekly runs and finally joining Strava, Matt Lauder, Mandy Thomas Gulliford, Neil Coleman, Catriona Rutland-Keeler, Sam Taylor.

Our long haul runner on the road this week is Vicky Mead running 80.9 km and for the men Adrian Davies gets it this week with 56.1 km.

Kings and Queens, just toooo many to mention, Louise, Reynolds, Celine Gulliford, Mandy Thoma-Gulliford, Kelly Preece, Linda Doyle and Victoria Young well done to all of you on your 10k.

From the relays;

TeamWind – Jonathen Mead, Kay Lawless and Becks Williams,
TeamThunder – Dhana Caple, Catherine Powell, Kate Mortimer-Jones,
Superman – Neil Jones, Adam Payne, Gethin Edwards,
Tornadoes – Adrian Davies, Kerry Roberts, Huw Davis
TeamLightning – Ross Youlden, Claire Prosser, Danielle Roberts. (If i got the team members wrong they were the ones listed!!)
and our wandering travellers Phil Goodall doing the trail festival in Builth and Mark Hester doing the ironman in Barcelona.

Amanda Burrell and Emma Tippings both made personal goals this week in completing their 5k’s in under 30 mins, well done ladies.

I think it may be time for people to nominate people for best efforts, there were so many this week and as they scroll past I miss them, maybe run leaders could suggest their runner of the week.

Between everyone we completed 253 runs this week.

Our Nanny goat again this week was Vicky Mead climbing 1105 m, I’m guessing it must have been raining in Tonyrefail and no one got onto the hills.. Between us we climbed 14423 m.

Speedster of the week was Neil Jones with and average speed of 3:57 m/km, well done Chris.

For the sub 6:30s….

Run forest run, Vicky Mead you take the trophy this week with your 80.9km with Matt Lauder completing 31.7 for the men.

24 runners this week either first time running or setting a new best average pace.
Chris Medcalf, Kerry Roberts, Matt Lauder, Rhys Jones, Mandy Thomas Gulliford, Rhian Collier, Matt Bess, Jon James, Tim Davies, Carys Rees, Josh Doyle, Sarah Shepheard, Neil Jones, David Sansom, Neil Coleman, Lynsey Cruickshank, Tim Munn, Catriona Rutland-Keeler, Christine Binding, Hanna Smith, Sam Taylor, Matthew Wilmington, Adam Payne, Rachel Sutherwood.
The improvers and getting the mentions:
Adam Payne, you managed to equal your best average week from January.
Carys Rees, sub 6 minutes this week knocking 10 seconds off your previous best average.
Chris Medcalf, keeping it constant and averaging your best fastest pace.
Christine Binding, under the 8 min kilometre for the first time, well done 20 seconds off your previous best.
David Sansom, 19 seconds better and taking you sub 5:30.
Hanna Smith, 9 seconds off your previous best and almost down to the 5:30.
Jon James, equalling your best time recorded.
Josh Doyle, 3 run out and under the 6 minutes well done, 15 seconds off your best previous effort.
Kerry Roberts, second recorded week and 20 seconds better.
Lynsey Cruickshank, a massive 38 seconds better and only 1 second off the 6:30 average.
Matt Bess, third run out and 18 seconds improvement on your first run.
Matthew Wilmington, 3 more seconds off your recorded runs.
Neil Jones, not big runs but sub 4!! 3:57 for the week well done you must have been shifting at the relays over those hills!!
Rachel Sutherwood, 6 more seconds till you get to the 6 minutes, 56 seconds improvement!
Rhian Collier, second run out and 42 seconds improvement.
Rhys Jones, just 4 seconds away from the sub 5, well done.
Sarah Shepheard, keeping it consistent with another 2 seconds improvement from last week.
Tim Davies, well just flying, sub 6 minutes easily and 22 seconds faster than your previous best week.
Tim Munn, 9 seconds faster than your previous best only 6 away from 4:30.
Keep up the efforts 🙂

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