PRR stats 15th May

Another week already, its been a quiet week for me but so many people out there have been very busy.

The big 1! well the big 100. We did it, 100 people recorded their runs on Strava this week.

Not quite there for the 2000km in a week but so close now. This week we did 1914km another amazing week for PRR. A record number of runners again logging on Strava, 100 runners making the effort this week with another 4 new runners.

The Cardiff half is till growing, now at 74 runners and a few more to come yet. #teamPRR

Back to the stats for this week.

I would like to welcome the new Strava runners to the fold, Kerry Roberts, Rhian Collier, Jo Beazer, Adam Thomas. We would like to welcome you all.

Our long haul runner on the road this week is Paul Binning running 74.7 km for the men and for the women Catherine Davis gets it again this week with 57.4 km.

But who are our kings and queens this week, well i did wonder how someone who has had such a good average dropped so low this week, then i remember when i saw the distance, for me Adam Payne is the King this week with his tremendous trail run on the weekend. Sorry Paul but you did get the distance and a mention. For the ladies, well I am going to break from the tradition of this being someone from the stats, after all this is about the effort that people put it to running not just the stats, so my Queen of the week is Kelly Preece, it was doing that long run on Sunday that sealed it, maybe you bit off a bit more than expected but you did it, well done.

We rattled up an amazing 1914.2 km logging doing 277 runs this week.

Our billy goat again this week was Adam Payne climbing 1451 m, well after the trail run i’m not surprised. Between us we climbed 17080 m.

Speedster of the week was Chris Medcalf 4:44 m/km, well done Chris.

For the sub 6:30s….
Great to see some of those numbers coming up for the sub 6:30s and I think a few of you may have moved into the masses.

Run forest run, well I bet Adam Payne wasn’t expecting this but you lead the sub 6:30s, closely followed by Vicky, Linda and Darpan very close behind.

22 runners this week either first time running or setting a new best average pace.
Kerry Roberts, Kathleen Walker, Amanda Burrell, Glyn Davies, Mandy Thomas, Rhian Collier, Colin Thomas, Rebecca Broomfield, Kathryn Vaughan, Louise Reynolds, Menna Rees, Martin Charles, Jo Beazer, Llio Owen, David Sansom, Catherine Lundie, Sian Brady, Vaughn Gibson, becks williams, Adam Thomas, Sarah Shepheard, Lisa Cliffe.

The improvers and getting the mentions:
Amanda Burrell, you have done it. 5:29, that’s 46 seconds faster than your previous best!
Becks Williams 14 seconds faster than your previous best average.
Catherine Lundie, your 3rd run out and 3 seconds faster than you first average.
Colin Thomas, your 5th recorded run with PRR and 15 seonds faster than your first run.
David Sansom, 5:40, 17 seconds faster the your previous best!!
Glyn Davies you have equalled your first run recorded.
Kathleen Walker 9 seconds faster than your previous best average.
Kathryn Vaughan, you have smashed the 5 min/km getting in at 4:55, 12 seconds faster.
Lisa Cliffe another 12 seconds off the best and only another 12 to smash the 6 min barrier
Llio Owen, welcome back, long time no see and back with vengeance. 10 seconds of the 6 min.
Louise Reynolds another 11 seconds off the average 5 more to beat the 5:30 min one next.
Mandy Thomas another 2 seconds off to take you under the 6:30, well done.
Martin Charles, not sure how you got on here but only another 5 seconds off you average to get you under the 5 min / km.
Menna Rees, Da iawn, 2 seconds off and keeping under that 7 minutes.
Rebecca Broomfield fourth run out and another 8 seconds off your average.
Sarah Shepheard, 2nd run out clocking your time and 49 seconds improved!!
Sian Brady 2nd run out and a mahooosive 93 seconds off the average!!!!!!!!!
Vaughn Gibson, not forgetting you Vaughan, smashed the 6, smashed the 5:30 and now you are down to 5:15. keep up those PBs.

Keep up the efforts 🙂

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