PRR Blog – Overdue:-)

Feels like I have been neglecting my duties, been busy in the evenings and well, it is summer!!

A quick recap over the last 2 week so doubled stats!!

We have had 2 new names joining our stats over the last few weeks so welcome Kerri Weeks and Rebecca Darwin.

We’ve had 97 people running over the last two weeks clocking up over 3600kms, welcome back to Strava Neil and with a new shinny watch I think we will be seeing much more of your runs.

It’s still great to see all of the PRR Ontour although being back in work already makes us all a little jealous, but we will get over that.

The Cardiff half training is going really well for everyone, we have every confidence in you all finishing now is the time to think about how quick you will be. Remember you should be thinking about your eating leading up to the race, it’s not that far away and you should be leading into the run with it. I will be concentrating on my Kebab intake 🙂 Only half joking, but Pizza is good too, and i’m told pasta!!

Our Billy goats gruff over the last two weeks have been Neil Jones and Chris Medcalf, between them an amazing 3054 will Neil doing over 1800 meters of climbing last week.

The single distance has an amazing number this week with Neil Jones succeeding in completing over 100 miles in a week, for those of us in metric that’s 161.7km.

Nice to see a few Dabs coming through from the Severn Bridge races and well done to all of the people who were running over the weekend.

30 runner in the 6:30 plus runs this week, top distance this week is with Kay Lawless running 54.5 km and for the gents Chris Birt with 51.2 km.

A few mentions in dispatches this week:

Clare Jones, Jason Saville, Lauryn Ava, Mandy Thomas Gulliford, Sophie Taylor, Rhyddian John and Kerri Weeks.

Clare Jones, Under 6:30 for the second week in a row, well done.
Jason Saville, Under 5:30, great running and well done.
Lauryn Ava, 6:15 still knocking a few seconds off your time.
Mandy Thomas Gulliford, getting better every week and almost under the 6:15 time, keep it up.
Sophie Taylor, you hit a major goal this week with an average of 6 mins per k on the dot, well done.
rhyddian john, Keeping it constant and equal to your previous week at 5:28 a little push to knock a few more seconds off.
Kerri Weeks, second week out and sub 6:30 hitting 6:16 knocking 35 seconds off last weeks pace. Well done.

Good luck to all those running in the Cardiff 10k this weekend, we will be out there pacing and cheering everyone on so keep it up.

Start thinking about your energy on the longer runs, you need energy and hydration. Cramps are sometime from hunger and headaches are generally caused by lack of water. Plan you strategy, there will be water every 5 km on the half with energy gels about every 10. Take on the water even if you don’t think you need it, even just a small sip will help. Personal i use that for a small walk bit as well because I am rubbish at trying to run and drink out of a bottle at the same time!! Comedy moments there.

Keep an eye out for the organised runs on the facebook page, If your are heading out post a message to see if anyone wants to join you over half term, there are a few more people around during the day.

Keep up the efforts 🙂

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