PRR Blog July 31st

I’m here this week, a little unexpected as I am supposed to be away but that starts tomorrow. 🙂

Writing this after being out with the Cardiff Half team tonight and I am going to start with my kings and Queens. It goes to all of you out there preparing for the half, we will have a fantastic number out there and the effort you guys are putting in is great. You have a few more weeks of training to go, but you all look well on the way to get there, so I raise a glass to you all (Well a bottle of cider tonight but you get the drift).

I think they may be a few shocks in the stats this week so stay tuned!!

A few new names on strava this week, so welcome to Lauryn Ava, Stephen Shepheard and Joanne Berryman. Welcome to the stats list!!

86 runners out there this week. Distance leader this week is Chris Medcalf (71.9) for the men and Vicky Mead jumps back to the top with 69.9 km for the women. longest single run this week is Catherine Powell with a 25 km run .

Our Nanny goat this week is Vicky Mead with 1212 m. You must have left Jon behind on the steep runs!

A new name for the pace setter this week,  and i bet she is not expecting this, with Claire Prosser trotting along at 4:33 min/km just shy of the 10 km rule but i’ll give you that on 9.7 km.

37 runners posting above 6:30’s averages this week, top distance was Vicky Mead for the ladies, and Jonathen Mead for the gents, longest run goes to Lauryn Ava at 23.1 km.

#PRROntour – With the summer here lots of people getting away and running in far fetched places. Keep the tags going, it’s great to see people all over the place. Furthest away this week has to be Paul Binning sunning it up and even starting a new Parkrun in tenerife!  Cathering Davis still out there sunning it up, but welcome back and bring the weather with you. A few in the UK with Menna Rees back up in Solihull, Jon and Vicky in the Exe Valley and i managed to get away to the Westest Wales, best place on Earth.

Mentioned in dispatches…..
A few mentions this week:

Carys Rees, 3 seconds off you previous best average and back under the 5:30 goal, well done.

Claire Prosser, been drinking the fast juice, 3 seconds off the the 4:30 mark and 20 seconds faster than your previous best average.

Jo Beezer, Keep up the good work, just 4 seconds of your best average.

Kate Perna Gutteridge, equalled you best time again, well done on staying under 5:30 and by a long way.

Mathew Thomas, almost breaking that 5 min barrier, 13 seconds faster than your previous best average.

Neil Coleman, 3rd record strava stat and hitting the 5:30 target, well done.

Remember!!!!!! If you’re running in the heat to make sure you have plenty of water with you and for the bigger runs make sure you eat more than you would normally to get that energy in, Lots of great running there.

If anyone has signed up for the Cardiff half, don’t forget to set PRR as your team on, almost time to start the preparation for the Cardiff half, if you’re new to the group don’t forget to sign up to help make the magic 100. We are getting close but a few drop up from injury etc have dropped the numbers slightly, but we can still do it.

Keep an eye out for the organised runs on the facebook page, If your are heading out post a message to see if anyone wants to join you over half term, there are a few more people around during the day.

Keep up the efforts 🙂

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