PRR Blog July 24th ishhhh

A little late this week but I have been away so couldn’t get on here and to pre warn for next week I am away again next week so late stats then too.

There are quite a few run leaders away over the next few weeks so the runs may be a little short of people supporting them, for those who don’t know Kate has been ill with a burst appendix so we will let her off with that one, get well soon Kate. Thanks to Tim and Miquel for helping out on the womble and supporting Kay.

The Christmas do has been booked at the Vale Hotel on the 15th December. 49 places has been booked for those who have requested them, a few deposits outstanding and the outstanding balance will be due around the 15th October. If you want to come to the party let me know and I will try and get more places from the vale, but I will need a £20 deposit to secure the place.

We have two new runners names on Strava from last week, so welcome to the stats for Julie Toy and Clare Norman.

Great to see the Cardiff half training going well, Vicky sessions are very popular and the comments following them are quite inspiring with people push harder and doing more than they have ever done before. Keep up the good work and you will fly it. A few weeks time and we will be running a faster paces for those who are planning a little faster and want to get sub 2 hours. Don’t forget that the Cardiff 10k is a good warm up for the half, lots of people going there for a good day out too. The Half is sold out now but there will more than likely be places later in the year for those who still want to run it and there are still charity places available.

Lots more personal blogs going on out there and our published blogger Emma getting published in the local rag, keep up the writing. 🙂

It’s been another busy week of running, seeing those stats and comments flying up strava and through facebook. 83 runners recording runs last week with a grand total of 1807.5 kms and 244 runs last week.

Our Queens of the week are all the ladies that did the Race for Life, Hanna Smith, Linda Doyle, Victoria Young, Menna Rees, Carys Rees, Mandy Thomas Gulliford and I think Kelly Preece and Lynne Hill were there too. (Apologies if i missed people hard to spot everyone but let me know and i will add you.)

Distance leader this week is Chris Birt (65.2) for the men and Cathering Powell (53.6) for the women. Vicky Mead has the longest run this week with a 35.7km. .

Our Billy goat this week is Chris Lindley, I bet you weren’t expecting that when you were doing the sprints this week! 824m climbed.

A new pace setter this week with Matthew Aherne trotting along at 4:25 min/km and yes that was over 10km.

31 post 6:30’s averages this week, top distance was Chris Birt and Vicky Mead for the ladies, again closely followed by Menna Rees.

Dab of the week……… Seen those Dabs fltin up the screen (of the phone) last week, just need to get the photographers to sort their timing out now, Jonathen Mead I’m sure the dab was perfect. #PRRdab and get your place in Gethins hall of fame. Kate you managed to get yours on the screen before you hospital visit so well done.

#PRROntour – With the summer here lots of people getting away and running in far fetched places, keep the selphies and views coming in, no one here is jealous while it is raining in the uk!! Wel done to the guys going on tour to the new Maesteg park run, Steve, Steve, Gethin and Cath. Vicky Mead, I’m sure that river wasn’t that deep when you were convinced to stand in the middle for the photo!! Cathering Davis your french trip is looking very appealing

Mentioned in dispatches…..
A few mentions this week:

Matthew Aherne, you have equalled you previous fastest average.
Charlaine Roberts, second week on the stats and 52 seconds faster than last week.
Rhian Collier, great running week, 7 seconds off your rpevious best running average.
Jason Saville, second week on the stats and 32 seconds improvement on last week.
Glyn Davies, well done you have broken the sub 5 barrier keep up the good work.
Neil Coleman, 2nd run out on the stats and not been recorded for a while and you managed a few seconds faster than last time.
Leigh Smith, sub 5 mins and 37 seconds faster than your previous average, well done.

Remember!!!!!! If you’re running in the heat to make sure you have plenty of water with you and for the bigger runs make sure you eat more than you would normally to get that energy in, Lots of great running there, the average pace for the group was 6:14. 🙂

If anyone has signed up for the Cardiff half recently, don’t forget to set PRR as your team on, almost time to start the preparation for the Cardiff half, if you’re new to the group don’t forget to sign up to help make the magic 100. We are getting close but a few drop up from injury etc have dropped the numbers slightly, but we can still do it.

Keep an eye out for the organised runs on the facebook page, If your are heading out post a message to see if anyone wants to join you over half term, there are a few more people around during the day.

Keep up the efforts 🙂

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