PRR Blog July 17th

Week 2 of the Cardiff half and weeks 1 training went well, great to see so many people out on a Monday night. Remember to check the posts to see whats going on through the week, Steve Burrell posted the runs for this week and there is a blog on here too where you can see the runs. Click here to see it.  Dont forget that the Cardiff 10k is a good warm up for the half, lots of people going there for a good day out too.

Tuesday: 7pm Leekes

Wednesday: 6:15pm Pontyclun Rugby Club

Thursday: 6pm Leekes

Before we get to any stats a reminder about the Christmas do, if you want to come it’s on the 15th December at the Vale, I need the deposit this week to secure places after that I can’t guarantee it after this week and don’t want to disappoint. So far 36 places down so lots of room left, I will keep people up to date with the place on facebook.

Great to see some personal blogs going on following the runs and events, please read those too. 🙂

Two new runners on Strava this week, so welcome Charlaine Roberts and Jason Saville, maybe two more for the Cardiff Half!! :-). There will be a bit of a cull soon but it will not affect any of our known runners, just the ones who follow for the sake of it and there are some strange ones.

Once again it’s been a great week, a good to see everyone getting out there on lots of runs, halfs, trials, marathons…. the list goes on. A grand total of 1680 kms and 223 runs last week. But lets not forget the supporters who get out there to cheer everyone on and get some great photos

Our Queens of the week are all the ladies that did the Race for Life, Hanna Smith, Linda Doyle, Victoria Young, Menna Rees, Carys Rees, Mandy Thomas Gulliford and I think Kelly Preece and Lynne Hill were there too. (Apologies if i missed people hard to spot everyone but let me know and i will add you.)

Distance leader this week is Adrian Davies (58.7) for the men and Vicky Mead (52.3) for the women. A tie this week for the longest runs with Vicky Mead and Tim Petterson recording their marathon 42.4km. Well done to all you guys.

Once again a sneaky move on the Billy goat trail with Paul Binning just pipping Vicky to the post at 1164m, in total between everyone 20,960 meters climbed.

Pace setter for this week was Adam Payne pacing it at 4:04/km, but I think I might have to set this to a minimum of 10km to qualify!!!!

29 post 6:30’s again this week, top distance was Tim and Vicky, closely followed by Chris Birt and Menna Rees not far behind with the same distance as last week 40.8km, bizaar!

Dab of the week……… Nice to see a few Dabs going on this week don’t forget top tag #PRRdab and get your place in Gethins hall of fame, my Dab of the week goes too little Miss Mullett, now that’s how you dab, we all need lessons. #cute

#PRROntour – Lots of locals going on this week with Margan and Cardiff but Becky Brumbill managed to get another Parkrun in last week up in Hereford, well done.

Mentioned in dispatches…..

A few in dispatches this week  Leigh Smith, Mandy Thomas Gulliford, Chris Chambost, Tanya Tye, Rhys Jones, Kate Perna Gutteridge, Sarah Woolls, Adam Payne, Leon Pisani.

Leigh Smith, Equalled you best pace per km. Well done.
Mandy Thomas Gulliford, 8 seconds of your previous best time, well done.
Chris Chambost, flying this week Chris, 13 second off your average.
Tanya Tye, 3rd week out and another 28 seconds off your average, almost under the 8:30 so keep it up.
Rhys Jones, you’ve made it under the 5 mins well done.
Kate Perna Gutteridge, under the 5:30 by a long way well done.
Sarah Woolls, woo hoo you made it under the 7 minutes, in fact you smashed it, well done.
Adam Payne, fastest time for you, just warming up over that distance though. Excellent pace for a short run though.
Leon Pisani, sub 4:30, well done that’s some massive time off from your previous runs.

Remember!!!!!! If you’re running in the heat to make sure you have plenty of water with you and for the bigger runs make sure you eat more than you would normally to get that energy in, I think we need a new hash tag #PRRCarbing should be some interesting pics of food. Lots of great running there, the average pace for the group was 6:11. 🙂 Great running by everyone in the hot weather and lots of distances which would have slowed it down.

If anyone has signed up for the Cardiff half recently, don’t forget to set PRR as your team on, almost time to start the preparation for the Cardiff half, if you’re new to the group don’t forget to sign up to help make the magic 100.

Keep an eye out for the organised runs on the facebook page, If your are heading out post a message to see if anyone wants to join you over half term, there are a few more people around during the day.

Keep up the efforts 🙂

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