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Well it’s been another busy week all round for PRR, some good and some not so good. Best wishes are all with Kate still and a speedy recovery…. we need you. Also for Jon, who will be banned from the trains in the run up to the half!!

There are lots of preparations going on at the moment, we have a mammoth effect going on with the Cardiff half and that is getting close now, but looking at how its going should be a great day for everyone. Vicky is getting close to the big event, yes ……….. her massive Ultra run although there may be something going on a little sooner. Many more halfs and 10ks between now and the end of the year and of course a celebration or two.

There will be social on the 25th August at the Boars if people want to pop in and then another social of some form after the Cardiff half.

84 runners out there last week recording runs through Strava and many more not using Strava. Top distance this week goes to Vicky mead with her 70.5km and also the longest run of 38.6km, there are so many hours going into training for this Ultra and we know you will smash it Vicky. (Plus we will be glad when you stop so a few other people get a chance at the stats while you rest!!)

Top distance for the men goes to Steve Burrell completing 47.2km. A few new names at the top of the list though with Linda Doyle running 43.8.

It has been great over the last few month to watch what were originally called the beginners now becoming runners, I think you have all surpassed that label now and seeing the runs/ distance / times changing proves that. Well done to all the C25K that can now well exceed what they ever thought they would be doing.

2 new names on my list this week, with Saskia Britton-Jones and Rhys Evans joining out numbers, welcome to you both. (Graham Jones you need to get Saskia to join the FB group or she may get deleted again!!)

Nanny Goat goes to Vicky again this week with 892m, although with those hill reps a few have some good climb information.

A few mentions this week for those hitting their fastest paces:  Adam Thomas
Clare Jones, (Now matched the name!!) 6:30, 23 seconds faster than last week. Well done.
Jason Saville, another 4 seconds off your average pace from last week.
Joanne Berryman, 33 seconds off your time from last week, well done.
Lynsey Cruickshank, 69 seconds better than your average last week, great effort.
Stephen Shepheard, Pushing hard out there and 51 seconds improvement.
Tanya Tye, well the stats don’t lie, 2:42 faster than last weeks average.

Our speedy last week was Stefan Hill trotting off at 4:36 per km.

#PRROnTour Lots of people away last week and see the tours coming in is great, always good to see the holiday snaps to go with the. Darpan Singh I think you definitely have the most exotic keep the snaps coming, although I must admit I like the pic from the plane! it was like your very own shuttle!

Don’t forget to catch up with a few other personal blogs out there

Well to the crown for last week, well this week goes to Steve Burrell for spoiling his prep to make sure the weekly information gets out there, the website is up to date and supporting all the other runners. Thanks Steve.

Remember!!!!!! If you’re running in the heat to make sure you have plenty of water with you and for the bigger runs make sure you eat more than you would normally to get that energy in, Lots of great running there. Now is the time to experiment with food for the Cardiff half and the longer runs, you will know when you have not had enough or need something when you’re running as you go from plodding alone to drained very quickly.

If anyone has signed up for the Cardiff half, don’t forget to set PRR as your team on, almost time to start the preparation for the Cardiff half, if you’re new to the group don’t forget to sign up to help make the magic 100. We are getting close but a few drop up from injury etc have dropped the numbers slightly, but we can still do it.

Keep an eye out for the organised runs on the facebook page, If your are heading out post a message to see if anyone wants to join you over half term, there are a few more people around during the day.

Keep up the efforts 🙂

(Sorry Tim, had to pinch that one for everyone!)

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