PRR up to May

Well here goes, more stats up to May 2nd
We now have 131 people up from 110 linked to strava of those 110 are active runners this year.

So far this year we have run 24742.9 km that’s 10 more in a month from the last stats and spent 2562 hours doing it. Between the active runners we have climbed 194131m and completed 3326 runs.

Gethin Edwards is still king of the road so far running 918.1 km and Paul Chamberlain has still spent the most time treading up his miles at 95 hours. Our mountain goat is Adrian Davies climbing 9846 m and our most active member is Adam Payne getting out there 158 times so far this year.

For those who love the equality stats, we have 60 active female runners and 50 active male runners.

No ESTYN inspection so i cant break that down further 🙂

For the ladies, queen of the road is Catherine Davis on 731.1 km, although Vicky Mead, Dahna Caple and Catherine Powell have all topped and impressive 600 km. Spending thew most time on the road at over 76 hours are Catherine Davis and Vicky Mead. Both Catherine Davis and Catherine Powell have done over 6000m of climbing with Catherine Davis just pipping it at 6390m.

The most runs goes to Catherine Davis at 87 individual recorded events.
Keep up the running.

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