Parkrun, Just for fun

Happy Sunday everyone,

Thought I would have a little break from normal routine and update the park run stats for those who do the Saturday morning slog. I must say the numbers are increasing every week.

I suppose this is the only time people really challenge themselves, although when your pacing to support the other runners it is still a parkrun time.

You hear lots about age grading, and on here we can record our runs and races and it will age grade us, but parkrun does that every week. Personally I don’t run to beat everyone else, just to beat me or at least get under 22 minutes anyway.

“Age grading is a way of putting all race participants on a level playing field, regardless of age or gender. The age grade calculator lets you compare your race times to older and younger runners, as well as those of the opposite sex.”

There are a few people who we all know run much faster than the rest, but there are also those who are exceptional for themselves. So here we go a few stats – only because I love numbers…….. This isn’t the fastest that anyone has every run these are the average, so this is far more consistent than a one off mad dash and just to make it fair more than 5 parkruns.

Neil J JONES 72.87%
Catherine POWELL 69.64%
Stephen CALE 66.90%
Stephen PASKELL 63.90%
Steve BURRELL 63.57%
Hilary WRIGHT 62.67%
Gethin EDWARDS 62.52%
Matthew AHERNE 62.48%
Jonathan MEAD 62.26%
Mike DONNELLY 62.07%
Paul GRIFFITHS 59.81%
Dhana CAPLE 59.72%
Adrian DAVIES 59.29%
Christophe CHAMBOST 58.26%
Vicky MEAD 57.14%
Hywel EVANS 56.23%
Louise REYNOLDS 51.57%

That’s some pretty impressive running.

And for those that like the best run they have done….

Neil J JONES 78.20%
Stephen CALE 74.51%
Gethin EDWARDS 70.94%
Dhana CAPLE 70.76%
Catherine POWELL 70.55%
Stephen PASKELL 70.48%
Matthew AHERNE 69.29%
Jonathan MEAD 67.43%
Hilary WRIGHT 67.30%
Steve BURRELL 67.07%
Mike DONNELLY 66.33%
Paul GRIFFITHS 66.10%
Adrian DAVIES 64.72%
Christophe CHAMBOST 61.43%
Hywel EVANS 60.30%
Vicky MEAD 60.21%
Tim PETTERSON 57.19%
Louise REYNOLDS 55.28%
Emma REED 53.82%
Menna REES 50.22%

So next time you think about how you are doing against those faster runners, just remember that you are not them, you are you.

And for you new starts for parkrun you’re doing fab.

Paul BINNING 59.60%
Jo MARSHALL 59.25%
Tudor WILLIAMS 59.09%
Claire SUTCLIFFE 57.81%
Fay LAWRENCE 57.54%
Martin CHARLES 57.27%
Rhys JONES 55.80%
Sarah WOOD 54.73%
Ben TROTMAN 51.43%
Tim DAVIES 50.69%



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