Getting your Mojo back

I thought I would share a simple recipe that served me well last weekend. It helped me get my running mojo back.


1. Start with a basic marathon package readily available on numerous internet sites.

2. Add a little twist by sprinkling in some hills. You could personalise it further by replacing tarmac paths with loose gravel, boulders, branches and copious amounts of mud (Go on indulge yourself)

3. Enhance by adding good company. This should never be overlooked. Amusing anecdotes and wide ranging conversational topics sustains the spirit over long periods of time keeping negative thoughts at bay.

4. Not always advisable but in some cases adding bad planning can have a galvanizing effect by stiffening your resolve to succeed. 

5. Always add generous portions of laughter and singing. you don’t want the end result to be flat and underwhelming.

6. A new ingredient that has caught on in recent years is the mid race selfie. I am a strong advocate. Go further by roping in other runners or marshals.

7. An optional extra is swearing; the fruitier the better. I am a keen exponent of swearing and am always looking to expand my vocabulary.


Preparation time

1. I find the longer the better. six hours is more than enough time to achieve an end result of pure elation and self satisfaction

2. Temperature wise you can enjoy at a range between 18 and 22 degrees, But you don’t want it too hot. Try and ensure your marathon retains some moisture ( a light drizzle is fine). If however you want to err on the side of caution then you can add alot of water (Steady rainfall builds character).

Of course it is possible to tailor the recipe to suit your own needs. It works just as well for 5K, 10K or half marathon packages.

Happy running…


By Chef Tim.



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