Evenings starting to close in….

The summer season is slowly ending and the nights are starting to draw in, unfortunately it wont be long before we will be finishing some of the runs in the dark on the latter evenings, so now might be that time to start thinking about a light of some sort ready for a few weeks time. Lots of runners with them so don’t be afraid to ask for advice.
Congratulations to everyone who ran over the weekend, a few slightly disappointed with their results but I would just say you all did amazing, a pb is a pb and there is always another race where you could do even better.
Cardiff half bibs and numbers started coming out today, so the reality of it probably just shocked those going for it for the first time, don’t panic you will be fine with the practice runs and what you have done so far you will all smash it. The bus is fully booked but is always a great social event after too so join us for that too if you can.
Going to take this chance to remind people about the Christmas doo at the Vale. an amazing event last year and will be even better this year, if you are new to the group get in touch with L:inda about joining us as we can still get places, for the 60 that have already booked we will be asking for the final payments soon so transfers when you can ‘ref xmas doo’.
A little reminder that as full members you need to be participating in our planned runs and events to maintain your membership, as lurkers and some non runners on here we would love you to join us for some socials and events, share the #PRRhugs and help us grow, remember we are probably the only free welsh athletics club and need all the support we can to keep the club going.

On with the stats…..

On Strava we now have 127 runners, 75 ladies and 52 gents. Still a few who have been invited after completing the disclaimers / membership. Remember don’t be offended if you have been taken off, once you complete the membership you will be invited back on again.

So far we have a total of 2886 running weeks, these are a week where some one has been out at least once. The ladies have 1560 and the men have 1326.
We have a few persistent runners that make it out every week of the year, so far this year there are 23 you are all listed below, so well done and keep it up.
To date we have run 74590.3kms and climbed 682858 meters, logging 8911 runs between us all.
The total distance champion for the year so far is Neil Jones with a total of 2503.2km, and the mountain goat crown for the year so far is Neil Jones with 29035m climbed.
For the ladies Catherine Powell has done 1749.7km and Catherine Powell is the highest climber so far with 22259 meters for the ladies.
The longest run to date goes to Vicky Mead with a distance of 101.2km, longest male run to date is Tim Petterson with a distance of 72.
Within the club we have the womblers, at the moment these are runners who are not the fast pace racers and tend to run shorter distances, as these generally get drowned by the high rollers I am creating your own set of stats.
At the moment I have classed womblers as runners who pace at more than 06:30 min / K, and run less than 10km maximum on a single run, we have 3 people who fall into this group.
On Parkrun we now have 74 runners, between us we have clocked up 2008 runs. That’s 10040kms, pretty impressive. To be included in this stat you need to set you club as Pontyclun Road Runners.
Within Parkrun there are milestones for runners and we have a few runners with these, so far we have 5 runners who have completed over 100 runs, and 6 runners who have completed over 50 runs.
If you are getting close to one of these milestones let everyone know as we all love to be there to support each other for these.
SO where was everyone this week? Stephen Cale was at Cardiff, Mark Passmore and Sarah Passmore were at Albert in Middlesbrough, Stephen Paskell, Rhydian John and Mike Donnelly were at the Riverfront in Newport, Hywel Evans at the seaside in Porthcawl, Adrian Davies visited Penallta, Paul Kehl in Barrybados and final Gethin Edwards and Cath Powell visited Aberdare where Cath came in as First lady, well done Cath.

#PRRontour the summer holidays are finally over but there are still a few dragging it out and finding the peace on the kids back to school so keep those photos coming.


Weekly Stats…
This week, we have completed 2447.8kms and climbed 22171 meters
The furthest distance goes to Adrian Davies with 84.9km and for the ladies Kerry Rockey has run 69.3km
Our mountain goat goes to Darren Pengelly with 1333 meters, for the ladies Catherine Powell has climbed 968 meters.
Our longest single distance goes to paul day with 32.4 km, for the ladies Jo Marshall has run 32.1 km.
We have a few challenges running this year, a distance for every one to have as a goal at 500 km, 1000 km, 1000 miles, 1500 miles and 2000 miles. I have also given us a group challenge to complete 100,000 kms during the year.
So far 31 are on track to complete the 500 km challenge, 27 for the 1000 km, 16 for the 1000 Miles, 3 for the 1500 Miles and 1 for the ultimate 2000 Miles Challenge. You can track your name below.
Living on the edge, you’ll get that next to you name if you have to run in the next week to stay on your current list 🙂
We are on track to complete the 100,000km challenge with 74,590km completed with the target of 67,308km so far this year.
I will be creating a few new lists to celebrate those that have completed some real tough runs and challenges, this will go from the 5k through half, full marathons and ultra runs, i think a few will be very interested to see what anyone can achieve not just the big runners, its going to take me a while to put this one together so bare with me while it grows.
This week the womblers furthest distance goes to Fay Lawrence with 7.2km and our wombling mountain goat is Natalie Kendrick-Doyle with 17 meters. The longest single distance goes to Josh Doyle with 5.2 km.
On track to complete 500km this year (Average 10k per week, so far 337km) Really not sure Josh should be on this stat!! but a stat is a stat at least it didn’t give him fastest lady. 🙂
Amanda Burrell
Ben Trotman
Caitriona Harvey ….Living on the edge….
Celine Gulliford
Chris Lindley
Dan Powell
Deborah Board
Fay Lawrence
Gaby Worgan
Gill Gubbings
Jason Saville
Jess Watts
Jo Jenkins
Jonathan Mead
Josh Doyle
Kerry Rockey
Louise Maxwell-Lyte
Mandy Thomas Gulliford
Mark Passmore
Martin Charles
Matthew Wilmington
Miguel Sutcliffe
Paul Binning
Rebecca Broomfield
Ross Youlden
Sam Taylor
Sarah Shepheard
Stephen Mithan
Tara Phillips
Tim Davies
Vaughn Gibson

On track to complete 1000km this year (Average 19k per week, so far 674km)
Adam Thomas
Alan jackson ….Living on the edge….
Annie Ginwalla
Becky Brumbill ….Living on the edge….
Charlaine Roberts
Chris Chambost
christina roberts
Claire Prosser
Claire Tapper
Darpan Singh
David Shewring
Dhana Caple
Emma Rees-Taylor
Jo Marshall
Kathy Bennett
Katie Mortimer-Jones
Linda Doyle
Mark Hester
Ruth Northway
Sarah Passmore
Sophie Taylor ….Living on the edge….
Stephen Paskell
Stephen Shepheard
Tim Petterson
Trudy Perry
Tudor Williams
Vicky Mead

On track to complete 1000 Miles this year (Average 31k per week, so far 1,083km)
Adam Payne
Catherine Davis
Darren Pengelly ….Living on the edge….
David Sansom
Emma Reed
Gethin Edwards
Kay Lawless
Kerry Roberts
Matthew Aherne
Mike Donnelly
Paul Chamberlain
paul day
Paul Kehl
rhyddian john
Shawn Murtough
Steve Burrell

On track to complete 1500 Miles this year (Average 46k per week, so far 1,625km)
Adrian Davies
Catherine Powell
Jamie Vanstone

On track to complete 2000 Miles this year (Average 77k per week, so far 2,166km)
Neil Jones

Persistent runners.
Adam Thomas
Adrian Davies
Becky Brumbill
Catherine Davis
Catherine Powell
Charlaine Roberts
Chris Chambost
christina roberts
Darpan Singh
Dhana Caple
Katie Mortimer-Jones
Kay Lawless
Kerry Roberts
Mike Donnelly
Neil Jones
Paul Binning
Paul Chamberlain
Ruth Northway
Sarah Passmore
Shawn Murtough
Stephen Shepheard
Steve Burrell
Tara Phillips

PRR Social
Whats coming up…..

7th October Social after the Cardiff Half
And very importantly the Christmas Doo on December 8th, book your place now. See the post in events and announcements, please any new members join us, we have a great night and support is so important.

Runs on the calendar to watch for
Cardiff Half
May12th 2019 – #GrahamsRun The Hensol Loop.

Keep an eye on facebook for the impromptu social at the Boars Head or the Pipeworks too.

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