A definitive* guide** to running marathons***

*not actually definitive **not exactly a guide ***or other distances, it’s up to you really…   The tl:dr version of this blog is: You should definitely run lots of marathons. Or none.   It’s not quite the epic that Vicky has gone through in the last 12 months and written

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The Road to Cardiff

The Cardiff Half Marathon is now 12 weeks away, so like countless other runners I’m getting back into proper training. I’ve been thinking long and hard about which training plan I’d follow for Cardiff this time around. I’ve worked through any number of ideas in the past, either for half

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Sunday morning in West Wales

Steve B Dab Half Marathon
I’ll leave Mike Donnelly to post the official PRR update from this weekend, but this is my experience of this Sunday’s Half Marathon. The Great Welsh Half Marathon was an ‘impulse buy’, watching everyone finish the London Marathon on television, I had severe run-envy, having completed the Manchester Marathon a

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