Alan J

It was about 3 years ago that I was diagnosed with type two diabetes. I had been feeling really tired and lethargic for a while. My wife convinced me to go to the doctors for a check-up, I honestly thought that all the doctor would say, was that it was to do with my age and that I needed to lose a bit of weight.

I was shocked when I was diagnosed with full blown type 2 diabetes! After all, as far as I knew, I didn’t think it ran in my family and although I was overweight, I didn’t think I was huge. I weighed in at 17 stone 5 at 6ft 1.

I was given two options; control it by medication or by diet and exercise. I choose the latter. I immediately did some research and put myself on a low fat low carb diet, and started exercising.

I began using the gym and cut out carbs and fat as much as possible. I started running, slowly jogging half a mile first then when I could do that without stopping, I progressed to a mile then two and finally three miles without stopping.

I decided I needed something to aim for, so I entered the Cardiff 10k. I looked on line to see if I could find any local, running clubs I could train with. I found Pontyclun Road Runners on Face book and sent them a message. My biggest fear of course, was that I would make a fool of myself, as I would be far too slow.

A welcoming message was returned immediately, so with trepidation the following Tuesday, I set out to the bus stop outside Leekes where the meeting point was.

From the start, I was warmly welcomed and given loads of advice and encouragement, so I started running with them regularly twice a week.

The day of the 10k arrived. I was so nervous, but I met up with the other road Runners in Cardiff before the race. Again, they gave me loads of support. I remember thinking 10k was such a long way.

I ran the 10k in what I thought was a really good time and now knew I could do it. I went on to run half marathons and now regularly run in six or seven races per year.

In the time from being diagnosed to running the 10k, I lost just over 5 stone and my diabetes has gone into remission. I have had a lot of fun and made some fabulous friends along the way.

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